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    Why do people from other countries look for detox centre in Spain?

    Three reasons to find a detox centre in Spain:

    • the good weather
    • interesting social and cultural customs
    • the excellence in healthcare

    Is the attractive option for those who want to rehabilitate.

    These three reasons have become an intention for many Europeans and people from others parts of the world whose purchasing power allows them, to consider Spain as a country for detoxing. The Iberian Peninsula, in fact, represents a tourist Destination of excellence by people from all latitudes, for its geographic diverse climate and variety of countryside and for it highly developed level of facilities. For many years Spain has been a worldwide destination to go on holiday, but Spain offers more than that.

    Life in Spain, for many Northern Europeans has been a clear goal for a long period of time. The reasons being are the quality of life of the Mediterranean region, the cultural diversity offered over short distances within the country and the very affordable services and purchasing power compared to many other European countries.

    So, whether it’s for a vacation or a lifestyle, Spain is the number one choice for a lot of people. Therefore, the development of Spanish services and facilities is consistent with the weight of the tourism and residential sector in the country’s gross domestic product (GBP). Although, France ranked as the country that receives the most worldwide tourism in 2019, with 89.4 million people visiting, Spain ranks in second place with 82.7 million, ahead of the United States (79.6 million).

    There are more than 5 million immigrants who live permanently in the country, almost a million of them are nationals of the most affluent countries in Europe, and these are just those that have registered with the Spanish authorities, there are many more people of other European nationalities, living within Spain, under the EU’s freedom of movement charter.

    detox centre in Spain

    Detox centres in Spain have adapted their programs

    It is not unusual, then, that the clinical settings in general and the rehabilitation of addictions in particular have adapted to incorporate any nationality or culture, beyond its origins, to welcome all people from all locations to embark on the detoxification process. Addictions, as we already know, don’t respect cultural or economic borders. 

    Why not take advantage of the same benefits that Spain offers to Europeans from affluent countries along with its own natives, with the objective of eradicating the use of toxic substances or destructive habits.

    The network of detox centres in Spain, Adictalia, agglutinate all these rehabilitation clinics with the objective of guiding to their particular case.

    From this platform, they comment that many foreigners call from England and France interested in undergoing a treatment far away from their own country to take advantage of the benefits here in Spain but they also add that foreigners from  Europe who live here and suffer from  alcoholism and others addictions, want to receive treatments in exclusive facilities, but also that they are communicated to, in English, at all times.

    Many detox centres in Spain have adapted their quality standard to this type of demand. Here, we refer to the luxury centres, both in facilities and preferred locations that provide personalized and exclusive attention, located in different parts of the peninsula and with a variety of rates .

    Spain has a wide variety of detoxification centres where the patient can exclusively and confidentially attend, in English. They offer all therapeutic treatments and the respected professionalism is very broad and based on high quality services. There are treatment centres available next to beautiful beaches, such as in the Balearic Islands , to therapeutic oasis’s in the mountains to be more at one with nature.

    A privileged climate to detox

    Something that Spain  can boast about is being the ‘’Country of the sun’’ Both in Winter and in summer you can enjoy a climate that improves both mood and health, receiving a greater contribution of Vitamin D , which is beneficial for our bodies , whereby it is often scarce in other parts of Europe , especially the Nordic countries.

    But also, there are options for those who want to experience the Mediterranean climate to the Galician Atlantic, or to spend their time in the mountains of the Pyrenees, or even to live a subtropical experience in Granada or Malaga, Spain has everything to offer. Crossing the peninsula by plane takes one hour and the transport network and roads are among the best in Europe. Due to its convenient location, accessing Spain from many countries is very easy. In only a few hours, those who decide to rehabilitate here could be enjoying the climate and the varied nature of the rehabilitation centre. Whether sea or mountain, even urban areas, all of the options are comfortable and affordable for a person who lives in the UK, France, Germany, Holland … if  you want to end your addiction.

    Other reasons why to choose Spain to recover

    Many foreigners who visit the centres decide to choose Spain mainly to experience the process of alcohol and drug detox in a warm and exotic setting. Something totally different from what they are used to. And this is one of the reasons why it turns out to be much more effective with regards to the process of personal development. In addition, rehabilitating in another country that is not your own encourages one to learn a different culture and philosophy.  In short, it provides another view of perceiving life. This contributes to the level of the therapeutic approach and tools for recovery. It provides additional methods already available in the place of residence for people seeking to detox.

    On the other hand, treatments to overcome addiction in Spain are usually considerably cheaper compared to other European countries. Some of the most exclusive centres in Spain generally have a lower cost than the average of other countries. While offering a higher quality service with high performance therapy. In addition to total privacy for the patient, luxury facilities, with all the amenities at your disposal and a medical team that speaks fluent English. And if these were just a few reasons, there are more. Why make the decision to change the  environment and choose Spain to carry out your rehabilitation treatment? Because it offers you the opportunity to maintain complete confidentiality, and make this therapeutic period a true luxury vacation …

    Before choosing detox centre in Spain, take into account:

    It is important to choose an optimal detox centre in Spain, suited to exactly what you are looking for. Besides good facilities, the centre must have a good therapeutic approach directed by a complete medical team. This team must be made up of psychologists, psychiatrist, educators and social workers, monitors and therapists, among others …other important information to keep in mind when choosing a rehabilitation centre. The centre must have all the health records and permits in order. These certifications are awarded by the Ministry of Health in the Spanish Government.

    For all of these steps, and to guarantee the best options for your rehabilitation in Spain, you can count on Adictalia, the National Network of Detoxification Centres. It is platform that manages all the centres approved by the Spanish Government and provides a counselling service, depending on your personal case, to those seeking treatment for rehab from drugs. Addictalia have the largest database nationwide to guide whoever needs it when choosing the best centre for their recovery.

    If you want to carry out your alcohol and drug detoxification treatment in Spain, do not hesitate to contact Adictalia at 900 525 727 where we will assist you in English to offer you a solution to your problem.

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